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April Program
Thursday, April 18, 2024, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT
Category: Education

Maximizing Philanthropic Impact: Stewarding Mid-Level Donors to Cultivate Major Gift Pipelines

Unlocking the full potential of mid-level donors is a crucial strategy for nonprofit organizations aiming to expand their major gift pipelines and achieve sustainable growth.

In this presentation, Jeff Grandy, VP of Client Development at Catapult Fundraising, will dive into the art and science of stewarding mid-level donors effectively to catalyze their journey toward becoming major contributors. The session begins by outlining the significance of mid-level donors within the fundraising ecosystem. These individuals represent a valuable segment of supporters who are committed to the organization's mission but have the potential for greater engagement and investment. By understanding their motivations, preferences, and capacity, nonprofits can tailor strategies to nurture these relationships and elevate their philanthropic involvement.

Mid-level donors are often one of our overlooked donor segments, yet they have great potential. Explore actionable techniques and best practices for stewardship tailored to mid-level donors. From personalized communication and targeted engagement initiatives to exclusive events and recognition programs, dissect proven methods for fostering meaningful connections and deepening donor loyalty. Drawing on case studies and real-world examples, learn how strategic stewardship can inspire mid-level donors to increase their giving and transition into major gift prospects.

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to strategically steward mid-level donors to nurture their journey towards becoming major contributors, thereby fueling sustainable fundraising success, and amplifying their organization's impact on the causes they serve.

Location: Meals on Wheels, 2718 Danbury Dr., San Antonio TX 78217

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