Membership FAQ's

How do I join AFP?
For complete information about joining AFP, go to the AFP Global website or contact our Vice President for Membership, Amy Nieto.
I work for a very small organization. Are there any scholarships for membership available?
Yes!  The application is available in early August and scholarships will be awarded in October. For more information, click here.
Does my membership belong to me, or to the organization I work for?
Depending on the membership category you or your organization selected when you became an AFP member, your membership. The Association of Fundraising Professionals may be an individual membership or an organizational membership. Please check with AFP Membership Services to confirm.
Does my membership stay with me if I switch organizations?
If your membership is a "professional" membership, it is assigned to you as an individual and members keep their membership if they switch jobs. If you joined under an organizational membership, the membership would remain with the organization if you should leave. That membership can then be assigned to another employee of the organization.
What is the cost of AFP membership?
When a member joins AFP, he or she joins both AFP International and a local chapter (exceptions exist if a chapter is not located close to the member). A member pays annual dues to both AFP International and the chapter. For "professional" (individual) members, AFP International dues for a regular member are $280 per year plus $50 per year for chapter dues. For more information about other types of membership and the associated member dues, visit the AFP Global website.
Where do I renew my membership and pay my AFP dues?
You will receive a notice from AFP Global when your membership is due for renewal. Please renew either by completing the paper form you receive and send your payment by check or credit card, or renew online with a credit card. Sending your renewals and payments to AFP San Antonio will only delay the process.
How do I make changes to or update my AFP membership information?
To change your membership information on the AFP International site, go to and sign in. On the next page, click on "My AFP Profile" at the top of the page and your member profile will appear.

Click here to learn more about free resources for AFP members.